About Me

I'm deaf from birth and always have to rely on sign language and lip-reading to be connotative of what people say to me. I possess a decent speaking power and have no problem with what people understand to what I say.
As a Photography student I have been studying photography both digital and traditional film printing for the past 7 years.  During my first year at College, I carried out a module based round analogue and printing, following this module I expanded on my photography course and included academic writing as an additional area of study. I have been lucky enough to be taken on as an achiever assistant by a well-known Fashion photographer, Mark Lebon.  Whilst working as an assistant to the owner, I have gained vital experience to work within this field as well as having the opportunity to show my skills as a second camera. 
As a photography student I enjoy photographing interiors as well as portraiture, and have worked under a number of large organisations both in England and abroad as a photographer.  My ambitions are to establish my own photography business within the next year and compete alongside the seasonal professionals.
Photography has always been such a huge part of my life. I've always tried to capture the perfect feeling, compassion and drama through a picture. Even before I started taking my own pictures, I've always been intrigued by other photos, past photos and then visualised them and memorised it. Pictures tell a wonderful and sad story through which you can travel to your past and I believe you can capture true emotion on a piece of paper. Nothing makes me happier than to witness the look on your face when you visualise the images that I have captured. My goal for you is to remember those exact feeling every time you look at the photo. I love working with people and taking the decisive moments of people everyday life – it gives me satisfaction on a personal level. At this point of my life, I don't ever want to take that away.
Photography to me right now is just a way to escape reality and the daily routine. I feel a great deal of happiness when I'm in the outdoors shooting, because it is my own time and I get to enjoy it, spend it the way I want.